© Eponis|Sinope (text) Angie Helwich (design)Everything Is Awful I'm Not OkayA few months ago, I happened upon an inspiring blog post from Eponis | Sinope titled, “Everything is Awful and I’m Not Okay“. If you’ve ever dealt with overwhelming moments in life or more serious bouts of anxiety/depression, a lot of these points may resonate with you. The original post is text based and worth a read. However, I decided to design my own visuals for a 2-page poster to print out and display when I was feeling particularly unmotivated or overwhelmed. After I finished this project, I decided to carry over this theme to the immediate postpartum period. Those results are here.

If you enjoyed this post and want a printer quality version to display or distribute, feel free to download but please follow attribution guidelines. The original post on the Eponis | Sinope blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License: alteration and redistribution are welcome as long as you attribute the Eponis | Sinope tumblr. If you share my design, please link back to my site and do not alter or remove any copyright information.

“Everything Is Awful And I’m Not Okay” posters