Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, you may find yourself wanting some way to preserve the pregnancy memories. Pregnancy feels 259 years long when you’re in the middle of it, but the reality is it is such a fleeting time. The little kicks, rolls, and baby hiccups won’t last forever, and you may find you miss it when all is said and done. There are many ways to preserve your pregnancy and birth memories, and today I thought I’d highlight some local vendors.


The first service most people think of is maternity/newborn and birth photography. There are many wonderful and talented photographers out there with a variety of packages and price points. On the fence about the idea? From personal and professional experience, I find mamas regret not having any pictures taken and they might not realize it until subsequent children. I also hear “oh, my partner/sister/friend will take pictures”. While this CAN work, the final moments leading up to a baby’s birth even during an uncomplicated delivery can be a jumble of action and result in unintentionally blurry or hard to distinguish images. Your baby is only born and newborn squishy little once, and it is worth every penny to have a professional’s experience who knows all the tips and tricks about dealing with the room lighting, staff, and is comfortable with birth and babies.


© Today Everlasting Photography | Carol Lea

Today Everlasting Photography – Carol Lea based out of Morris, IL
Carol photographed my friend Maureen’s labor and birth of her son a year ago. She perfectly captured “the look”: that first gaze at the baby after all that hard work! You can just feel the emotion jumping out of the picture. To see more images from Maureen’s experience, you can view them here.


 © Maggie Cuprisin Photography


Maggie Cuprisin Photography – based out of Westmont, IL
Maggie consistently takes breathtaking photos and knows the ins and outs of getting the perfect shot. She’s a photographic ninja and the results are just beautiful. You can view the rest of the photos from this birth here.


© Jill V Photography

Jill V Photography – based out of Northwest Indiana.
Jill is such a sweetheart and does some amazing work. One of the options with her photography is a “fresh 48” session, where you can get family pictures after some sleep and a shower. Sometimes moms feel like they’re not looking or feeling their best after the hard work of birth and this is a perfect option. Jill will be offering video sessions as well. Check out her website for more information. To see the rest of this birth’s photos, click here.


© Whimsical Wishes Photography

Whimsical Wishes Photography – based out of Lockport, IL (maternity/newborn only)

Whimsical Wishes Photography is comprised of Carrie and Bethany, two schoolteachers who have a real flair for photography. This photo is from a session they did when my son was almost 7 months old. They have pregnancy, newborn, milestones like 1st birthdays, and family photo packages.


Belly Casting © Colleen Martin

Colleen Martin – based out of Orland Park, IL
Another way to preserve your memories is belly casting. You may have never heard of it, or maybe you’ve tried to do it yourself. Colleen does beautiful work and she’s also very talented with calligraphy.



Some other ways to preserve your memories during the entire pregnancy include creating a memory book through a site like Shutterfly, Blurb, or make your own with a scrapbook. If you go the Shutterfly route, you can opt to include a pocket page to hold all the little things you want to keep, like ultrasound photos, bassinet card from baby’s stay in the hospital, an extra set of footprints.


© Shutterfly

(image source: Shutterfly)

Pregnancy and the early days of motherhood can go by so quickly, so no matter which way you choose to document it, you’ll be glad you did.