• Relief of hip and joint pain if worn during pregnancy.

  • Provides support to skin, ligaments, muscles stretched out by pregnancy and birth. Many women complain of feeling like they’re “falling out”, and binding can help bring everything back in.

  • Helps maintain good posture and prevent nursing slouch.

  • Overall helps with the postpartum healing process.

  • Breathable cotton, washable (cold water/tumble dry low, warm iron if desired).

  • Fully customizable to you and lasts throughout entire postpartum period vs. thicker stiffer store bought binders that roll or shift while being worn.

Curious to try this yourself or know someone else who might interested? I offer belly binding appointments up to 2 hours in length in your home. This includes instruction for you and a partner, a fabric binder for you to keep and wear, instructions for use, and an overall visit to see how you’re doing adjusting to life with baby. I can re-bind during the visit after you wear it for a bit to see how you feel, and I leave when you feel comfortable with the process and how it fits. Cost is $75 dollars. Contact me today to set up an appointment.